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Introduction to History

Scyld Shef'sson and Beowulf: the Anglosaxon mythology

***Fides Angliarum Regum: the conversion of the pagan AngloSaxons from their cult of war and ancestor worship to Christianity.

Woden and Cerdic

King Arthur and Merlin: What the primary sources have to say.

And now for something completely different...
Peasant berates King:
(from the costume drama "Monty Python and the Holy Grail")

***The Medieval Canon:
: part One the Gospels
: part Two the Christology of Gregory of Tours
: part Three the Hermits of the Desert
: part Four Jesus

The Saxons in Wessex

The Norseman Duchy (Nor'mand'y)

Medieval Coins

The Annales Cambriae: the Welsh chronicle

***Godwine and Cnut: from the mutiny of Wulfnoth in A.D. 1009, important to the succession of many English Kings, to the elevation of Edward the Confessor.

Godwine's Trick an alternate version of the Godwine elevation from the Vita Haroldi

Lady Godiva The ever popular Coventry legend

The True Tale of Macbeth as recorded in the contemporary Irish and Norwegian annales.

The tragedy of Harold Godwinesson: condensed from the lost biography translated by Walter Birch.

1066 A good long story of The Norman Conquest

The AngloNorman Court

The New Forest a review of and excerpts from Landscape and Memory by Simon Schama

Public Records:

The Liber Feodorum

New technology Help Desk:

The Patent Rolls

The Crusades: Clumsy plan to advance papal interests abroad. Thousands respond to promise of entry into paradise by volunteering to die in Holy War.

***The Twelfth Century Renaissance: contact with Islamic science and learning awakened dormant European mental activity.

Godfrey of Bulloigne: the rare sixteenth century biography by Edward Fairfax is reproduced here in full, for fans of late medieval literature.

Gregorian Chant: try singing along with the monks.

Medieval Construction
Page 1 : Ecclesiastical and Royal Buildings
Page 2 : Saxon Manors and Market Buildings
Page 3 : Farm Buildings
Page 4 : Late Medieval Town Houses

Queen Elizabeth (Woodeville) de Grey: the War of the Roses

Queen Elizabeth I (ap Tudor) and William Cecil

All the King's Men: the English rebellion

Music Sampling:Gregorian Chant et cetera

Addendum: histories outside the medieval period

The traditional sound of medieval Gregorian Chant
Vespers (1.5 megs)
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The Medieval Canon


In closing...